Senator Stern’s Statement on Senate Bill 260: The Climate Corporate Accountability Act

SB 260 Stalls Out on the Final Hurdle before the Governor

September 2, 2022

Sacramento, CA - It is deeply troubling that Senate Bill 260 failed to make the Governor’s desk. SB
260 would have required American companies with more than one billion dollars of annual revenue that
operate in California to disclose specified emissions data.

Senator Stern stated, "Banks and corporations love to tout their Environmental, Social, and Governance
credentials and climate commitments, so it is confounding that the same businesses killed our bills, first
Senate Bill 449 and now SB 260. Especially since these bills merely would have ensured these businesses
really are as green as they say. Makes me wonder if there is something fishy going on here. Rather than
legislation, perhaps it ’s time for an investigation."